Butchart Gardens

Things are coming along, and some great shows are starting to come together for the summer.   One of those will be Butchart Gardens on August 19th.  Stay tuned for more as the summer bookings take shape, but exciting things are underway.

Victoria Jazz Festival

I’m happy to announce that my band will be performing on the main stage at the Victoria Jazz Festival on June 28th!  I’ve also been chosen to host the jam for three nights at Harbour Towers (June 22nd to 24th).  This is a very fun opportunity because musicians from all the touring bands drop in to play.  And I’ll be playing as a sideman with some other bands in the festival.  Specific dates and times will be listed on my show schedule closer to the fest.

New videos!

There’s some new videos posted from the show at Hermanns Jazz Club back in September.  I had it professionally filmed by Tim Quinlan and his team, but I wasn’t able to do anything with the footage until now because I was busy working on the album. Now there’s three songs online plus audience interviews, and I think it looks pretty good!

Check it out here

New Website!

Finally, my website no longer looks like it was made in the early days of the internet.  I hope you enjoy the new site!  It’s got some new features, including a 360° tour of my recording studio, lots of downloads for students, information on my upcoming album, and more.