Specializing in writing and recording horn section parts, this studio may be just what you need to bring your project to the next level.  Parts can be composed, arranged, and recorded for a full horn section (trombone, trumpet, sax), string section (violins, viola, cello), and more.  Nick plays the trombone parts, and the very best local professionals are brought in for other parts.  With close attention to detail, you’ll get a top notch recording.

  • Recordings can take place remotely without the artist present
    • Files can be sent over Dropbox
    • The artist has the option of staying hands on by connecting with FaceTime or Skype to give input during recording sessions
  • A big sound!
    • Whenever possible, a room mic is used as well as a close mic for a big, natural, and controllable sound
    • Parts are usually doubled for the sound of a large section (for each part you get two recordings of different takes to be played back at once)
  • The charts made for recordings are all written neatly using Finale notation software, and can be used for live gigs (or adapted when necessary – for example, when there are 6 horns on the recording but only 3 live)
  • Instruments and gear available for your use
    • Weber piano
    • Fender Jazz electric bass
    • Yamaha fretless electric bass
    • Epiphone hollow body electric guitar
    • Denver classical guitar
    • Schoenbach copy of Antonius Stradivarius Acmonensis upright bass
    • Acoustic Image Contra Amp
    • Yorkville XM200 Bass Amp
    • Music stands, guitar stands

Sample Player

Listen to isolated dry unmixed horns, percussion, vocals, and strings, then hear how they fit in to the finished project



Other samples:
The horns on this track, Elemental Love by Aidan Miller, were written, recorded, and performed by Nick La Riviere (with Miguel Valdes on trumpet)

Here’s a fun little video recorded entirely in the studio:


    • Arrangements: $50/hr [plus 5% GST] (cost is based on complexity, length, instrumentation)
    • Recording of trombone parts: $125/song [plus 5% GST] (no charge for studio time, only a charge for playing, some multi tracking [multiple trombones on the recording] at no additional charge)
    • Recording additional session players
        • Typically the players hired will charge $125/song for their performance with multi tracking allowed, but you may have to negotiate your own rate directly with them (or I can work it out for you)
      • To record musicians I have also arranged the parts for, a recording charge of $30 [plus 5% GST] per musician per song applies, no hourly charge
  • Studio Time: $50/hr [plus 5% GST]
      • This is applies when using the studio to record anything I didn’t arrange for you. The studio is best suited to recording a single instrument or voice at a time.
    • You can use this studio time to record whatever you like with Nick as the engineer