Recently my septet was invited to perform on Galiano Island.  We had a great time playing, and I put together a short video with clips of a couple songs – and of course the obligatory shots from my drone.

AND my wife and I are off to New Orleans this Friday.  We’ll be taking a cruise (on Carnival – I played in the show band on that cruise line a long time ago), and then hanging around New Orleans and checking out the jazz fest, which we’re really excited about.

For those trying to book me for gigs, we’ll be back on May 9th and I’ll be trying to minimize email time while we’re away, but if you need an answer before May 9th you can try calling me (my phone won’t be on during the cruise but will be on the rest of time and I can take calls without an extra charge) or emailing me with the subject ‘urgent – gig’.