Hi everyone!
I’m really looking forward to the performances next weekend at Hermann’s Jazz Club. I’ve been working hard at getting new tunes together for these shows, and I thought I’d share a little “behind the scenes” on what that looks like.  When I write a new tune, I not only provide my bandmates with a chart to learn it from, I record a demo using my gear at home with me playing all the instruments.  I try to make it sound as good as possible so that it’s enjoyable to listen to and doesn’t drive the guys nuts while they’re going over it.  It takes a LOT of hours to write and record these – and then memorize them for the show.. but it’s a lot of fun when it all works out. Here’s a little behind the scenes on how those demos are made:

So there you have it!  I hope you’ll come check out the show and make all that work worthwhile.  We’ve got a few new tunes like this to premiere, I think these will be some of our best shows so far.  Reservations can be made at www.HermannsJazz.com (click on the show on the night you want to attend, then ‘register for a ticket’).  There’s more info, including a 1 minute video that shows you what the show is all about at www.nicklariviere.com/nextshow.  Or you can check out an entire live concert filmed in broadcast quality at https://youtu.be/2hzZauG7jO8.