Hello from Italy!

I’m currently on tour with Locarno.  So far we’ve played in Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland last night.  I’m writing this email
from the van as we drive through Italy on the way to our next gig… see here I am working away:


Today I’m getting in touch to let you know about a couple of awesome shows coming up soon after I get back to Canada.  The HiFi is playing at Hermann’s Jazz Club on June 10th and 11th.  For those who haven’t seen it before, it’s a really fun project co-lead by myself, Damian Graham (drums), ‘Art Booker’ (piano), and Ryan Tandy (bass).  Tons of energy and variety as we all take a turn taking the lead.  Some originals, some funky New Orleans tunes, 100% awesome.

Reservations are highly recommended, and can now be done right on Hermann’s website.  Follow the links for:
June 10th
June 11th

Also check out my original band at the Victoria Jazz Festival on July 1st at 3:30pm in Centennial Square!

Now, for those of you wanting to see some fun behind the scenes footage of the tour I’m currently on, check out the videos below.  We’ve been filming some great tour blog videos as we go.  Hope you like them!

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you at a show soon!