Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well in these crazy and difficult times.  It’s certainly a hard time to be a musician, with none of us knowing how soon the craft and career we’ve dedicated our lives to will be something that makes sense again.

While many other musicians have been doing live streaming solo shows from their own homes since the start of the pandemic, I’ve been slow to do one myself.  Why?  Well for one thing my main instrument sounds a lot better with accompaniment.  So I’ve been working on finding a way to ‘do it right’, and now I’ve got it.  A very unique solo live stream.  Broadcasting live from my home studio, you’ll hear a great sounding show using all my professional studio mics and equipment.  I’ll be performing all my own originals, plus one surprise tune I didn’t write.  You’ll hear me accompanied by… mainly myself!

Whenever I write an original tune, I record myself playing all the instruments in order to make a demo for the band to listen to.  I’ve taken those demos and removed the instruments I can play live.  I’ve also got some ‘in progress’ mixes from some brand new never-heard-before recordings featuring some fantastic musicians.  These will be officially released as singles later this year.. and in order to make this show not the release, it won’t be archived… so you’d better tune in and watch it live!

I’ve been working hard at making this live streaming show sound as as awesome as possible, doing lots of practice runs to a private YouTube account so I can listen back and make sure everything’s working. The production is technically complex, but the result is really great.

Tune in Friday June 12th at 6pm, and join me for some great music!

The show will be broadcast simultaneously on Hermann’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hermannsjazz/live_videos/), and my own YouTube account here: https://youtu.be/ g2Ymht6IdM0 (that link will be public at the time of the show).  Check it out on YouTube for higher sound quality… but if you want to say hello, I’ll be watching the comments on the stream at the Hermann’s Facebook page!

During the show, if you’d like to make a donation to myself OR to Hermann’s Jazz Club, you’ll be able to do that at www.artsonview.ca/donate

To see a little bit about what my live band is all about, and get a taste of what the livestream music will be, check out www.NickLaRiviere.com/epk

And if you’d like to support me by buying some of my music, check it out at: http://nicklariviere.bandcamp.com

….And one more thing!  It’s not like I haven’t released anything since the pandemic began.  I’ve been hard at work keeping the community bands I work with going strong!  They’ve been putting out some super fun videos.  Everyone records their own parts at home, and I put it all together.  You can check them out on my YouTube page for highest quality (click here – it will autoplay a video of band at the top, but scroll down and you’ll see some videos from Jive, Soul Source, and the Blue Bosses).  Jive and Soul Source normally support the Rainbow Kitchen and Living Edge charities with their Hermann’s end-of-season shows, so you’ll see a message of support at the end of these videos.

….like this one: