I’ve been sitting on these videos for a while now, and have finally gotten around to doing something with them.  Back in March my band played at Hermann’s in Victoria, and I recorded the sound in multitrack from the mixing board, plus a couple of zoom recorders to capture audience sound for a more ‘live’ feel.  I also had the show filmed with great cameras by Tim Quinlan.  It’s taken me this long to get around to putting anything up from it because it’s been a very busy gigging year, and it took a bit of time to put this together.  First I had to do a good mix from scratch of all the audio, and then I picked a few songs to edit down with the video.  The result (I think) turned out really well.

My band also played the Islands Folkfest in Duncan this summer, and I have a couple of live videos from that.  The sound is just from my video camera sitting in the sound booth, and the video is from that camera and an iPhone, so it’s not nearly as pro looking or sounding as the videos from Hermann’s, but it’s great for capturing the energy of the fest.  I hope you enjoy!

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Live at Hermann’s:

Live at the Islands Folkfest: