The Nick La Riviere Band @ Hermann’s January 27th

Well, it’s the end of a massively busy seasons of gigs.  I’ve been playing at Butchart Gardens, with the Paperboys in Whistler and Wenatchee, with the Festive Brass backed by the Vancouver Island Symphony, and more… Plus my regular gigs. I had around 50 gigs between December 1st and January 6th, sometimes doing 3 shows in a day.

Now that things are back to a more reasonable pace for January I can focus on preparing for my show on January 27th.  The last show this band did at Hermann’s in November went really well.  It was sold out, and the audience and band had a blast.  We’re all really looking forward to playing again.  The band will feature Miguelito Valdes on trumpet, Barrie Sorensen on Sax, Aidan Miller on keys/vocals, Kelly Fawcett on guitar/vocals, Dave Spidel on bass, and Damian Graham on drums.  And of course, me on trombone, vocals, conch shells, wine glasses, and anything else I can get my hands on.

Reservations are recommended – all you need to do is go to Hermann’s website at this link, and click ‘register for a ticket’.  This guarantees you a seat if it sells out, which it did last time.  Or you can still try your luck at the door, we managed to sneak a few extra people in to the last show.