Want horn parts transcribed or composed for your original song or something you’re covering?  Or how about nice clear charts for a whole 14 piece band?  What about that handwritten chart that could use a little tidying up?

For all your arranging and copywork needs, I’ve got you covered.   I’ve made charts for bands and artists such as:
•Michael Kaeshammer          •Pretzel Logic
•54-40                                   •Joby Baker/Baker Studios
•The Vic High R&B Band       •Saint Michael’s School
•The Midnights                      •Kelowna Secondary School
•The Paperboys                     •Ian McDougall
•Gene Hardy                          •Woodshop Studios
•Locarno                                •and many more…

  • All arrangements are written neatly using Finale Notation Software
  • Special care is taken during the ‘extraction’ process to make sure that the layout is easy to read, allowing the players to more easily take their eyes off the charts and find their place again
    • New phrases generally are at the beginning of a new stave
    • There’s an amount of bars per stave that makes sense
    • Double bar lines, rehearsal markers, and other cues are used
    • Vocal lyric cues are often written in horn/rhythm section parts so arrangements can be flexible – it’s easy for a band leader to extend sections, or jump to different parts of a song on the fly
  • Horn parts can be composed for songs that didn’t already have them
  • Many charts are already written, you may only need them modified to suit your needs rather than written from scratch
  • Everything from a lead sheet to a 14 piece R&B Band and more available
  • No need to show up in person (if you don’t want to), you can email what you have and I can email back PDF’s of the finished charts
  • The rate is $55/hr (Canadian Dollars plus 5% GST). The price is based on song length, complexity, clarity of the recording (or handwritten chart) I’m working from, instrumentation, etc.

 What do I need to get started?

  • For copywork, please scan and email, snail mail, or hand deliver your handwritten chart.  Let me know if there are any changes you’d like, or if you’d just like your chart neatly entered in to the computer and laid out
  • For horn charts for an original song please provide:
    • The latest, clearest recording or mix you have
    • Let me know if you’ve got ideas for the horn lines already, or you’d like me to come up with them.  If you’ve got ideas already you could sing or play them on a scratch track, or come to my studio and record yourself singing/playing them
  • For a transcription of a full band arrangement:
    • Please provide the clearest recording (or YouTube link) that most closely resembles the way you’d like to do the song live
    • Let me know if there are any changes you’d like, including arrangement, style, key, etc
    • List the complete instrumentation the chart should be written for
  • Other charts and instrumentations available, just give me what you have


Ready to get started?  Send an email here, or call 250-704-9972 to discuss.
Need to send large files too big to email?  Try Dropbox, it’s free and easy to use.