Three Community Band Charity Power Hour

Three Community Band Charity Power Hour

May 25, 2021 Online


Time : 7pm

When the pandemic first came along, community bands had no way they could continue making music….. or did they? Actually – they did!! Under the leadership of trombonist Nick La Riviere, these three community bands didn’t let the pandemic slow them down one bit. They’ve been working hard to produce some very cool ‘quarantine covers’ – videos where the band members film themselves playing their parts at home, and Nick mixes the audio and produces a video.

This will be their third livestream performance during the pandemic. During the livestream, recently produced videos will be shown, with intros and stories from the band members. And guess what – the whole thing is for charity! Our last show raised over $2300. All proceeds are donated to Living Edge and Rainbow Kitchen, two great organizations that help feed Victorians in need. And with the pandemic, those in need might be just a little more needy… So what are you waiting for? (Except maybe the live stream to start). Tune in, turn up the volume, and enjoy the show!

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