For many, many years before the pandemic, I played every Sunday night at Darcy’s Pub with the Bomb Squad. It was one of my favourite gigs – often I’d be racing back from an out of town gig to make it there after hours of driving, but it was always worth it. So fun playing there! The pandemic has shaken things up, and the Bomb Squad isn’t able to continue its residency.  Instead, I’m proud to announce the premiere of my own project – Best Laid Plans. This band will perform high energy covers, featuring myself on trombone/vocals, Miguel Valdes on trumpet, Attila Fias on keys, Louis Rudner on bass, and Alex Campbell on drums…. and, special guest Brett Smith-Daniels on guitar and vocals.  It’s a killer combo of players, it’s going to be a lot of fun playing with these guys.

We’ve already been rocking Irish Times as a 4 piece (come see us there next on April 15), so we’re really looking forward to playing at Darcy’s.  We’re not booked at Darcy’s steadily – yet – so please come support us as we put our best foot forward in our initial performances on April 3 and 17. 

Hope you’re all keeping well!

DATES UPDATE: Unfortunately two of our band members have come down with covid (only mild symptoms currently), so we’ve had to cancel the performance March 27 and will premiere at Darcy’s happy and healthy on April 3 (and 17).

Check out the fun we’ve had playing at Irish Times as a 4-piece: